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Work directly with Michael Stadtländer

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Work in unique situations

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Become a gardener

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Eigensinn Farm Stagier

✓ Chef✓ Farmer✓ Gardener✓ Artist
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Use The Freshest Ingredients

Become an Intern

Work with Michael in a unique gastronomic and agricultural experience.

Become an Intern

Eigensinn Farm is accepting apprentices for the upcoming summer months. Learn from Michael in a professional atmosphere.

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This is an unpaid internship, however we supply room and board. A typical week includes farming, gardening, building (dishes, props, preparing the forest) and cooking.

Internships are minimum 6 months, to experience at least two seasons.

Previous Stagiaires

Our previous stagier, Rübe. He spent 6 months with us. His specialty was also wood working and did a lot of woodwork for Haisai.  Rübe also brewed our beer. You can find  Rübe on Vancouver Island these days.

Previous Stagiaires

Opa Strick was working hard with our team on Camp Home. Our 2013 project that commemorated 20 years of Eigensinn Farm.  Opa Strick is now a stagier at Noma in Denmark.

What apprentices say

Opa Strick

Working with Michael opened my eyes and opened many doors.

Opa StrickStagier
Tafel Spitz

I never  knew I could be a farmer. The quality of food grown by chefs used is unsurpassed.

Tafel SpitzStagier

I remember going to Stayner to pick up chicks. Turns out they were turkey chicks. I also went with Michael to the Katy Livestock market and bought and raised my own pigs.

Kümmel Kind

I stayed for two years I met another stagier Pippi Marlboro, fell in love, and now we both are working at Raymonds in St.John’s Newfoundland.

Kümmel Kindstagier
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