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Camp Home in Winter

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Eigensinn Farm

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Fresh From the Garden

A few shots around the place

Welcome to our Farm

Eigensinn farm was a concept from my youth. I grew up on a farm in North Germany, and my wife Nobuyo grew up on a small island Okinawa, Japan. I love cooking, but as much as I love cooking I love gardening and my livestock. It inspires me to do the installations for the forest dining. The quality of the food you cook with should under total control.

Our greatest philosophy is growing the vegetables the way we like to see them, fully ripe, fully grown, and you will never find any GMO on our farm. Our pigs take 14 months and not 6 to grow, our fowl are free range. They take a half a year to maturity, and yes we lose about 20% to predators. All our grain is certified organic.

One of the nicest things for us to combine the gardens, and the fish from Georgian bay, making our own maple syrup , and foraging in spring for dandelion, watercress, spruce shoot honey, and yes we have our own bees.

This is all possible from our  stagiers, we have a gardener, some apprentices from Montreal, and our local talent to bring you the best seasonal experience.

Our Gardens

This year we have a gardener Ginger Dean. We will work with her growing as much as we can in 2014. We have herbs, cold frames for starting early salads and oriental vegeatbles. Later we will have beans, peas and carrots. The gardening really starts from April and goes until November. In our root cellar are the root vegetables. And in the fall we make preserves. What we don’t grow or raise, we get fromour select farms nearby like Bayview Farm and The New Farm.

Some photos of our gardens

A few shots of our livestock

Our Livestock

We raise, pigs, goats, sheep, and rabbits. They have all been pasture raised in the spring and summer as well as organic  grain. In the winter we have a large barn and large open stalls. We like to raise them with lots of space. Our rabbits are free-range and live in our yards. Everything that goes into their raising is as humane as possible.

Our Yardfowl

We raise chickens, ducks, geese. We also have a turkey, some guinea hens, and peacocks. All our fowl are free-range and have  large house to roost, but they go anywhere they want. We have a fresh water pond that gets changed every day. We probably have a loss of 20% of our chickens to predators, but its worth it. If you have ever tasted our chickens you would not find a better and truer taste anywhere.

A few shots of our fowl

A few shots of our avery

Our Bees

We have two bee hives. Thats enough for all our needs at Eigensinn Farm. They produce enough honey for our seasonal needs in the kitchen. But even more so they pollinate. Our lands are rich and green and full of wildflowers. We do collect the bees wax, but its not that much.

Our Maple Syrup

This is a ritual for our spring. We only tap about a dozen trees, even though we have a maple forest. This is more than a Canadian event, for us its what indicates the sure arrival of spring. Cooking down our maple syrup in the woods, usually over an open fire of pine wood, which gives it a nice smoky flavor, is part of our celebration.

A few shots our sugar bush

A few shots of our foraging

Our Foraging

Foraging is a science. In our forest we find wild leaks, morels, saddle-back mushrooms, dandelions, queen anne’s lace, milkweed, burdock, daisies, choke cherries, spruce, pine and hawthorn shoots, slippery jack, trout lilies, watercress, angel wings, cedar, wild blackberries, strawberries and apples, lacterios deliciousoso, and much more. Seasons dictate what is available, and freshness is guaranteed.

Our Fish

We get most of our fish from Georgian Bay, whitefish, laketrout, and Pickerel. Some fish from Lake Huron like yellow perch. I also do buy a little bit of fish the Atlantic and Pacific when the fish is not available in Georgian Bay or the great lakes.

A few shots of our fisheries

Meet the Stadtländers

We are a family of professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your experience unforgettable.




Hermann has a background in visual arts and grew up on Eigensinn Farm. He breathes our philosophy and way of living. Hermann is the Maitre’D at Haissai.



At Large

The Man behind the vision. I was born in Lubeck, Germany, and came to Canada in 1980. At first it was to scout out "real" farmers to make a connection to them, so I could really start to cook. That was really important. If you want it done right you better do it yourself, eventually that farmer became me.




The engine room behind the artist. Nobuyo is a self proclaimed motivator and the one who helps get things done and helps the thought process come to life. Without Nobuyo, nothing happens.

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